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February 2006
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They’re Back
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Ron and I took a walk to 15th for lunch today. David stayed home and worked in his purple chair. That’s right. The purple chair is back from the Bellevue Arts Museum.

David’s solo show at BAM closed last week and we’d like to thank the fabulous staff. We so enjoyed spending time with you all at the museum.

A typical Sunday morning” Breakfast Set” in the Big House.

Back at the studio, the Men from “White Men In Suits” are here too, ready to eat their big breakfast before going to work.

The” Bubble Necklace” is also in for a visit.

A sea of single needle right angle weave.


This week’s Book Update:
David has been in his chair beading, putting the finishing touches on “Father’s Keys” for the International Fiber Biennial at
Snyderman-Works Gallery. He hasn’t been able to get to the computer or phone to contact Flo about the progress of the illustrations.

I know, it’s so difficult to get everything on the list done. I am putting this on the list for this week.
Thanks for your emails of support.
yours ever faithfully,

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pres’ day
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Holiday feast today in honor of a president…
President Nelson Mandela.
Roasted turkey with potatos and carrots for the carnivors and Indian fare from the joint down the street for the vegetarians. Here’s the guest list: Sharon L. (Ron’s mom), Becky C. B. (Ron’s sister), Kendahl S. (Ron and David’s cutie pie niece), Cameron B. (Ron and David’s adorable nephew), Kathleen M. (Ron and David’s almost daughter), Ron, David and myself (Ron and David found me washed ashore after a shipwreck). I can’t wait for seconds..for dinner.

Here is David’s work table for today. He continues to work on the hands for “Father’s Keys” promised to the International Fiber Biennial at Snyderman-Works Gallery.

And here is David from a fishing trip mid 70’s.

Images from the Big House on President’s Day:
Margaret’s dental impression

David’s hat

Many of you have been asking about David’s Book. David has been working with Flo Hoppe and they have been working long distance (Left and Right Coast) on the illustrations/directions. Please encourage David and Flo to continue making this project a priority. David will be emailing Flo this week to check on the progress.

Weekly Interview
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Lunch was good…hot soup and scratchty crackers. David, Ron, Tom and I enjoyed our winter lunch.

For the David Chatt scholar, check out this Seattle Weekly interview that was posted on their site last week. In this interview, David is quite forthcoming about his work and life.

In more Chatt family news, Orville Chatt, David’s father, is being honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Museum of Northwest Art. The date for the festivities is February 25th, 2006.

Here is a visitor who stopped by Saturday evening. Charlotte is a true putti.

Let’s take a quiet look around the Big House today…

and at David’s studio table…

Have a great week and a super duper Valentine’s Day.

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Peter joined Ron, David and myself for casual lunch today: chicken, green beans, swimming rama…from Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ and Pandasia.

David taught a three day workshop at BAM over the past weekend. Stacey came out from New York and Teresa came up from San Francisco to help out.
Here’s Stacey in action,wearing her own necklace, working with the single needle right angle stitch.

David shared his sketches with the class.

Jill, who was working with right angle weave for the first time and was a star, told me about this great documentary.
(note to self)

Back at the Big House in Ballard, I found David’s Boo Radley spot but I can’t imagine these Nat Sherman butts are for Scout, Jem or Dill.

I’d like to take time now and look through some Pat Chatt memorabilia that is here at the House. Pat’s service is this weekend, and she has certainly been in everyone’s thoughts. In the next room are some things that Pat kept as keepsakes from childhood, keepsakes from great days and keepsakes for keepsakes’ sake.

This is the hat you see in the wedding day photo

…and a close up of the bird perched on the hat.

Little Pat Horner.

A last look at David’s studio work table before I leave you until next week.

I am,
Genius Girl Monday