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May 2006
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Final Exam
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David drove down south ’round Beacon Hill and stopped by our old haunt the Seattle Deli. on 12th Ave S. That’s right, the bahn mi is back. The $2 sandwich is now $2.25. Lunch crowd included David, Ron, Tom, Gin, Michael and yours truly.

I thought we’d start the day with some beadwork.
Here’s a look at what David has been up to this last week. It’s a completed piece for “108 Medidations in Saffron”. If I count in my head how many meditations have been beaded, I would guess about 40? David just counted about 53.

Compare and contrast with the work of Claus Oldenburg.

How is this different or similar to Christo?.

“Colors”, from last year, is in David’s studio right now.

Compare and contrast with the work of Paul Klee.

If we gaze about the house, looking for the raw material of creativity let’s focus on today’s word: DRAPERY

And let’s think of all the lovely DRAPERY we’ve ever seen.

Compare and contrast Drapery with Crumpled.

Have a great week, and I’ll see ya soon,

This just in, hot off the mimeograph:

Compare and conrast the crumple of this evening’s sunset, to Turner.

Compare and contrast the world’s largest ashtray, just found nearby, to this soft sculputre by Claus Oldenburg.


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last of May
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Hey there!

Houston, we have visuals for today’s lunch:

It’s right before the “toss” when all the goodies are still on top of the salad.
Included on the table: meat side dish of BBQ chicken and a wasabi potato salad.

A wander about the house this afternoon while everyone else is working “off site” brings us to our fist stop of the day: David’s work table…

On the beadwall shelf is this spiral beauty

Why is this little dog so photogenic?

Remember to floss, and I’ll see you next week,

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It’s Tiva Time
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Hello and welcome my pretty.

Lunch was a small affair with David, Ron and yours truly having a quiet sit-down before Ron left for his other job at the hospital. Lasagna, caesar salad and rustic bread with bruchetta were on the table and quite appreciated.

It was a beautiful weekend in Seattle, no? It’s time to get out those white summer socks and Tivas!

Looking around today let’s take a stop by David’s table

and the new rug from Goodwill on 15th

Here are David’s found objects. (Note the Barbara the cat memorial in the upper left.)

I rather like this combination of beads.

Wayne Wichern was a weekend visitor to the Big House. It was great to see him again. He’s been living in the Bay Area for the last 5 years. Wayne is a master milliner. He is FABULOUS.

Check out his site here.

I’ve got my calendar set for a visit to The Museum of History and Industry.
There is an amazing show there right now. I remember seeing it when it was “forgotten” /”lost” at the
Maryhill Museum of Art near Goldendale, Washington. It has stayed with me all these years and I can’t wait to see it refurbished.
Wayne went to see it last week and raved. So go check out “Théâtre de la Mode” at MOHI!

Debra, we mistakenly deleted your comment. Ooops. My peasant fingers are such potatoes. So yes, we await the installments of Gal Printer.

See you next week. Have a great one!

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“Margaret, Maragret, Maragret. It’s always Margaret” said Peggy.
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Hello there, pretty lady.

All I can say about lunch today: mastication bazaar. We were all so full from the meal…
Michael joined David, Ron and myself at today’s table where table talk was about Michael’s 10 year anniversary at Second Use. I asked him to describe his greatest moment: “A dorky looking guy came by in a plaid hat…” It was at Second Use that Michael met David.

David’s table today.

I often look at what David is up to and think about that Tom Waits song where he sings “What’s he building in there…”.

Over the past weekend, we had an emergency rescheduling of the junk sale. Sorry I couldn’t tell you all about it last week, but it wasn’t planned way back then.

Kim was talked into this “matching” dish set by David.

This coat is off to Norway with its new owner.

The hat will be going to Manitoba, to a theater company.

No, Tate didn’t buy this Santa Bear, but he did go away with a number of other treasures.

And Margaret…

I had to take my coat out of the sale, for sentimental reasons, and Margaret has decided it’s now hers.

Since I didn’t have time to share the junk sale news last week, here’s this week’s tip: Votivo! Huge Candle Clearance! -
NE corner of 4th & Spokane every Wednesday 11:30 to 4:00. I’ve been and it’s fabulous. Go and get stocked up for the next few years.

See ya next week. Have a great Mother’s Day. (Give a Votivo candle)
your G.G.M.

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