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January 2006
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Leftover lunch, solo, as everyone was out and about today. I read yesterday’s Seattle Times/PI and ate Pandasia food from Saturday night. Just as good two days later.

David has been working on this for the Fiber Biennial show at Snyderman-Works Gallery.

Another view of “Father’s Keys”.

About the house, the neighborhood and other places:

No, it’s not a James Turrell light sculpure. You’ll have to go to the Henry Art Gallery or a private home on the Eastside for that. This is David’s wall behind his desk.

Nancy A. is one of the most beautiful women in the city. Here she is front row at the Bellevue Arts Museum’s “A Conversation with David Chatt”. It will soon be available from the museum on DVD and I will let you know all about that.

Here is the coolest chick I have ever met…Flora Book. She is working on her website and isn’t sure that she wants you to see it yet. Let’s take a sneak peak anyway. I checked it out and I can’t keep it a secret.

Have a great week everyone.

the week after
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Leslie, her husband Peter, Tom, Ron, David and myself were all here for lunch today. A sit down feast of BBQ chicken, peas, potato salad, greek salad and sweet corn bread with real butter was before us. As if I’d been a starving shut in for a week, I enjoyed the meal and the company immensely.

It’s been a sad and yet lovely last week as we mourn the passing of the amazing Pat Chatt, David’s beloved mother. We miss her terribly and also feel lucky to have had her spirited and compassionate company for all those years. Her memory is here in our hearts and minds.

Last Friday David posted about his mother and if you’ve not read it yet, jump down and do so now.

I want to share some more photos of Pat with you today too.

The new Pat Chatt, the former Miss Pat Horner.

I like the fuzzy quality of memory and the haze of the perfect shoe here - Pat’s pretty feet on her wedding day.

Speaking of shoes, here’s a gentleman fixing Pat’s sister’s shoe strap before the wedding. You can’t see Pat’s sister Eileen Bell of Kansas City, Kansas, but she’s a blond bombshell in the film noir style and I can imagine this is the highlight of this man’s life.

These next three images I will let you view by yourself.

Whisper: these two rings Orville made for Pat while he was a’courtin’. Note: met in September, engaged by October, married in January - married 55 years.

Let’s go back now to when Pat was in nursing.

hey girls!

Pat “above the fold”.

Let’s look closer…

and even closer.

The letterpressed date.

Debutants? No…Nurses! Give your Texas curtsey to the educated ladies of Kansas.


I’m sure there’s a literary quote about shadows somewhere out there.

Ephemera from a life well lived.

With a resounding “Yes”, life continues and David had been in his atelier…
so let’s now take a peak at what’s been going on.

Have I told you about these yet? I think I have. David is donating one to the Seattle Public Theater Benefit Auction that will be held on May 21st at the Bathouse on Greenlake.
I want one.

Or maybe two.

The source.

More of the Buddha piece.

Source material for the Buddha piece.

A goodnight look at some of the fabulous flora, sent in memory of Pat Chatt.

love and peace, hullabaloo and brouhaha,
your GGM,

I almost forgot:
“I’d say that creativity is our life insurance. If you are creative, you are never afraid, because you can design yourself out of any situation. Wars, violence, and victimization originate in anger. Fear produces anger. Creativity banishes fear, and therefore takes away anger. All education - especially of small children - must teach creativity, above all else.”
-From and interview with Li Edelkoort, Dwell Magazine, April/May 2004, p. 130.

… and hi Mary! I keep thanking my lucky stars that you were here. Miss ya.

Patt Chatt
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Pat Horner Chatt
August 9, 1925 - Janury 15, 2006.

Written by David Chatt

At 5:00pm on January 15, 2006 Patricia Jo Horner Chatt, or Pat Chatt, as we knew her, left her body and her burdens surrounded by the love that she had created in her life. Pat was a mother, wife, teacher, nurse, and tireless humanitarian. Pat and her husband Orville had six children and many great friends who count themselves as family. Each of us has memories of great conversations often shared over some incredible meal that she had prepared. Pat had a generous sole. Her love for people was only matched by the love that she received. Those of us who shared her life marvel at her accomplishments. As busy as she was she always had time to volunteer for a worthy cause, prepare a meal for friends, or just sit with someone who needed a listener. She loved good books and read two newspapers every day. Her love of reading and interest in the world helped her to form the deeply felt opinions that she would share readily with just a bit of encouragement. Even if you didn’t share her opinions it was hard to deny the heart and intellect that went into forming them.
Pat was born to Edna and Oliver Horner in Kansas City KA on August 9th 1925. She was the third of six children. Her siblings were Martha Horner Winters, John Horner, Dwight Horner, Eileen Horner Bell, and William Horner. She is survived by Dwight, Eileen and Bill who make there homes in Kansas. Pat studied Nursing at University of Kansas and after graduating worked as Supervisor of Nursing at Passavant Hospital in Chicago, Ill. It was here that she met Orville who she married on Jan 14th 1951. Pat was married 55 years and one day. Her children and their spouses are: Beth (Tim) Mcgurran. Julie Chatt Erickson, Mark (Susie) Chatt, Scott (Cheryl Terry) Chatt, David Chatt and his longtime companion Ron Cole all live in Washington State. Her youngest son, Jay, preceded her death in 1982. She was a grandmother to Kevin, Rob, Tyler, Stephanie and Kim Crye. Katie and Ryan Erickson and Jennifer, Michael, Marissa and Sara Chatt. She also had three Great grandchildren Devon and Kayle Crye and Jake Crye-Anilonis. Her treasured friends are too numerous to mention by name but know that she and her family were enriched by these relationships and you who count yourselves in this category are part of her legacy.
Pat began her family in Eugene Oregon before moving to Iowa in the mid 1950s. In 1964, Orville took a job in the art department at Skagit Valley College in Mt. Vernon Washington. The family drove an old school bus and a Greenbrier Van from Ames Iowa to their new home in Burlington. They ultimately settled in Sedro Woolley in 1968, where she remained the rest of her life. She loved her home and the mild moody weather of the northwest. Pat worked as a Nurse at Northern State Hospital, a Nursing Educator at Skagit Valley College and gave civil service tests at the college for many years. Pat was an enthusiastic volunteer in her community. She was a founding member of both the Sedro Woolley Community Kitchen, and the Skagit Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). She was also a member of Central United Methodist Church in Sedro Woolley and worked to help people with AIDS.
When she was a young mother a woman who lived next door would come over and offer to keep her kids so that she could have a moment to herself. She was incredulous at this generosity and asked what she could offer in return. Her neighbor told her not to worry, that some day she would be in a position to help someone else and that would be her repayment. Pat told this story over and over and made the woman’s pass-it-on philosophy her own. She has repaid that neighbor a 1000 times over. Now it is our turn to repay the love that she shared with us.
Memorials can be made to a charity of your choice or by doing a kind deed.
A celebration of Pats life will be held at 1:00 pm on Feb 11th at her church, Central United Methodist Church (1013 Polte Rd., Sedro Woolley). All who knew her are invited. The family encourages you to wear bright colors, and a big smile.

Pat, we miss you but were lucky to have known you.

Congratulations for a life well lived.

More images of Pat

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