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January 2006
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the week after
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Leslie, her husband Peter, Tom, Ron, David and myself were all here for lunch today. A sit down feast of BBQ chicken, peas, potato salad, greek salad and sweet corn bread with real butter was before us. As if I’d been a starving shut in for a week, I enjoyed the meal and the company immensely.

It’s been a sad and yet lovely last week as we mourn the passing of the amazing Pat Chatt, David’s beloved mother. We miss her terribly and also feel lucky to have had her spirited and compassionate company for all those years. Her memory is here in our hearts and minds.

Last Friday David posted about his mother and if you’ve not read it yet, jump down and do so now.

I want to share some more photos of Pat with you today too.

The new Pat Chatt, the former Miss Pat Horner.

I like the fuzzy quality of memory and the haze of the perfect shoe here - Pat’s pretty feet on her wedding day.

Speaking of shoes, here’s a gentleman fixing Pat’s sister’s shoe strap before the wedding. You can’t see Pat’s sister Eileen Bell of Kansas City, Kansas, but she’s a blond bombshell in the film noir style and I can imagine this is the highlight of this man’s life.

These next three images I will let you view by yourself.

Whisper: these two rings Orville made for Pat while he was a’courtin’. Note: met in September, engaged by October, married in January - married 55 years.

Let’s go back now to when Pat was in nursing.

hey girls!

Pat “above the fold”.

Let’s look closer…

and even closer.

The letterpressed date.

Debutants? No…Nurses! Give your Texas curtsey to the educated ladies of Kansas.


I’m sure there’s a literary quote about shadows somewhere out there.

Ephemera from a life well lived.

With a resounding “Yes”, life continues and David had been in his atelier…
so let’s now take a peak at what’s been going on.

Have I told you about these yet? I think I have. David is donating one to the Seattle Public Theater Benefit Auction that will be held on May 21st at the Bathouse on Greenlake.
I want one.

Or maybe two.

The source.

More of the Buddha piece.

Source material for the Buddha piece.

A goodnight look at some of the fabulous flora, sent in memory of Pat Chatt.

love and peace, hullabaloo and brouhaha,
your GGM,

I almost forgot:
“I’d say that creativity is our life insurance. If you are creative, you are never afraid, because you can design yourself out of any situation. Wars, violence, and victimization originate in anger. Fear produces anger. Creativity banishes fear, and therefore takes away anger. All education - especially of small children - must teach creativity, above all else.”
-From and interview with Li Edelkoort, Dwell Magazine, April/May 2004, p. 130.

… and hi Mary! I keep thanking my lucky stars that you were here. Miss ya.