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June 2006
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summer daze
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I’ve stopped at the fancy dancy Ballard Market and picked myself up a little lunch. It’s very different than the Hilltop Red Apple of Beacon Hill. I experienced a little bit of culture shock this morning…where are the long frozen popsicles dyed with color straight from the chemists in New Jersey? Where are the candles with stigmata? Well, they’re not with the salad bar in the bin with the fresh organic motz.

David and Ron are in Penland right now, today being the first full day of classes for a two week session.

Over here in Ballard -
Let’s look back at some pics I took in May of the big room in the big house. The windows were trimmed with festive iron…

I hope you all have a great week,
Yours truly,
Genius Girl Monday

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Fireflies of Penland
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Today’s lunch tasted like summer. David cooked corn on the cob and we had potato salad with BBQ chicken. My 12 Step recovery program for Vegetariansim is going well.

On the bookshelf outside the HQ of the BH is a bookshelf where this book rests…David’s father Orville wrote “Design is Where You Find It” in 1972 and was published by Iowa State University Press. David’s father and mother, Pat Chatt, are the ones who taught David how to SEE. This is a great book.

Up and about today…
David’s chair in the studio with his beading project on the right. Note the TiVo control nestled in the purple cushion.

Today: Number 65 of 108 Meditations.

As we get older and wiser, we need glasses.

Studio still life.

Number 62 of 108 or as they do: 62/108

The doggies left this on the rug, I hear them barking now. I think a leaf just blew by the window.

The greasies, in orange,

are sitting in a Tupperware with this unusual yellow object.

I swear, this is David’s garbage. This modern composition is sitting in a big brown box, forgotten and discarded near the corner of the studio.

David and Ron are busing themselves with preparations for Penland.
Bye guys…

Ron returns in two weeks, David in four.

texture, color, form
liberte, egalite, fraternite,
Genius Girl Monday

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David was off at the dentist so Tom made egg salad sandwiches for our lunch.

“Good enough to eat with a fork”

Here’s what’s on David’s table today.

Over on the coffee table is David’s sketch book.

Here’s another pic of beaded spirals.

This item is by the door and is currently holding green Nymo thread.

David is getting ready to leave on Wednesday for the 36th Annual Glass Art Society Conference. It’s going to be in St. Louis from June 15th - 17th. David is giving a lecture Thursday evening. Check out Glass Art Society to read all about this organization.

Have a super duper week and we’ll talk to ya then,

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I could hear David downstairs in the kitchen clanking dishes and utensils and then it was “Lunch!”. Tom came home from work early and joined David, Ron and me at the table. Meat! Steak! and a lovely salad David made with all sorts of veggies. Soooo satisfying to a former vegetarian.

A look about today brings us to David’s work in progress “108 Meditations in Saffron”.

Here’s another look at “Colors”.

and here is David’s table today.

Over the weekend I watched that zombie movie from a few years back, 28 Days Later In 2002 I was too scared to watch, but I thought I could handle it now that all the hubbub has died down. I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen.

The cinematographer, Anthony Dod Mantle who has been involved with
Dogme 95 brings an amazingly beautiful vision to the film.

The still photographer, Peter Mountain, (that’s his pic, above) has amazing shots included on the DVD. They are a fabulous mix of tension by way of color, chiaroscuro and crop. One shot has one of the main characters behind a truck, in the rain, and I swear to you, it could be Mechelangelo’s David. The foreshortening of the hand is such a Renaissance reference and it’s so excquisitly fabu.

Anyhoo, have a super duper week, and sweet dreams,

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