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October 2005
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With a walk down to Market Street, in downtown Ballard, David and I stopped and had our lunch at Thaiku (5410 Ballard Ave NW). David and Ron had dinner there over the weekend with out of town guests (Karil and Ellen!, owners of “The Grove”) and David thought it a good idea to return. We started with ginger, onion, peanuts, lime and coconut all wrapped up in deep green leaves then topped with some sweet sauce. Mmmmmm. What was that? It was delicious.

The show opening was fabulous. Many thanks to Michael Monroe, Executive Director and Stefano Catalani, Curator at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Those shelves are the real deal. That’s David’s studio, transported to the museum.

On the shelves, I spy Pat Chatt.

A room with a view.

David’s “Confrontation in the Green Room”.

Beatiful bracelets, yes?

A catalog accompanies the show, with text by Stefano and some wonderful photos of David’s work. It can be purchased through the Museum Gift Shop, ( The calalog is $20 and has “Marble Bag; Hanging on by a Thread” as its cover boy.

And Happy Halloween.

Did your cousin ever tell you about the doll heads, kitchen cabinets and mayonnaise on those tween sleepovers?

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Good afternoon. Today’s lunch is left over from last night’s feast. Ron, David, Tom and I had our plates full from Pandasia. They deliver! Across the Ballard Bridge! The vegetarian potstickers are A+ and just as tasty the day after.
Pandasia, voted Seattle’s Best Takeout by Seattle Weekly, 1625 West Dravus Street:

We are still getting ourselves situated in the new Ballard space. We are also getting ready for opening night at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Yes, the show is already open, this is the celebration.

Last week I mentioned that David is teaching and giving a lecture but I neglected to mention the Family Day the museum is planning. It’s Sunday, November 6th and David will be teaching a children’s beading class. If there are any pint size artists in the family, bring them to Bellevue. Arts Education is so important and we need to catch them while we can. There are other workshops to participate in as well as music and dance. I think David and I should have Dance Breaks with the beading, don’t you? Art is seeing AND moving.

Thanks to the museum staff for putting together such a beautiful show and for working so hard in making the teaching experiences happen.

Again, it’s:, for all the info.

SOFA Chicago is this weekend at the Navy Pier. Opening night is Friday and the event runs through Sunday. Mobilia Gallery’s Libby and JoAnn Cooper will be there with David’s work.

Mobilia will have this piece at SOFA, you’ve seen it before on the blog and now Delia Floor has completed the silk covered box.

Shall I model for you?

Blogged before, this beautiful bracelet is now complete with its silk box.

These bracelets capture and reflect the flow of the classic Odalesque.

Eugene Delacroix, Odalesque, 1827-28

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, La Grande Odalesque, 1814

Jacques Louis David, Madame Recamier, 1800

As we are traveling back in time, deep in coversation with the ladies, let’s stop in on studio work from a few years ago before we arrive again in the present:

This small study David worked on while first exploring Single Needle Right Angle Weave, the stitch David is known for, with Swarovski Crystals.

Here you can see detail as David works over armature in a grid system, also with Swarovski Crystals.

Alright folks, it’s 2005 again and we’ll see you next week as we hail Standard Time.

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You look fabulous.
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In the new neighborhood! David and I walked to Market Street and had lunch. We listened to the next table discuss some very very personal information. I’ll have to remember what the place is called and let you know another time. Tables are close, so don’t discuss addiction, young foreign girls…

Here in the Ballard Flats, it’s…flat and you can see vistas.

This is the view from the top of the tower at the Ballard house.

Now let’s zoom in and take a mini view of David’s life:

This image is of The Men in “White Men in Suits”.

Here we see a detail of The Man from “Confrontation in the Green Room”.

David is teaching at the Bellevue Arts Museum on November 11 - 13. Check out

His lecture is on Friday November 4th at BAM. Having been at David’s previous lectures, I can tell you that it is an amazing look at an artist’s work and a privilege to hear the artist speak of it firsthand.

See you there.

When David was at the New Works Retreat at Haystack School of Crafts in Maine he was able to explore text based expression. This is one of his poems that came from that experience.

You Look Fabulous!

How are you feeling today?

Have you heard from your son?

You look good.

What are the doctors saying?

I don’t know what to say.

Well you sure look good.

Have you had a BM?

Does anything sound good to you?

What can I get you?

These flowers sure are pretty.

How long will they have you here?

When did you find out?

This no-hair thing suits you…really!

How is your appetite?

Did I already ask you that?

Do you want something from the cafeteria?

They say sometimes your hair comes back curly.

Oh, this is funny, who sent you this?

That’s a good color on you.

You know my mother went through this and lasted three more years!

Have you tried extract of sea slug?

Let me fix your pillow.

Have you been under a lot of stress?

You really look great.

I’m going to pull this curtain and then I need you to roll over.

Do you want me to leave?

Oh aren’t you sweet.

Have you read about the powers of positive thinking?

It’s probably not as bad as they say.

You look fabulous.

lemon ginger
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Once again, I am going to skip the details of today’s lunch. Mostly because at 2:39 it hasn’t happened yet and also because I want to tell you about a most fabulous meal I had over the weekend.

That’s Vikram Vij with his famous lamb “popsicle” dish.

Deb and I traveled up to Vancouver, Cananda on one of our usual pilgrimages and found Vij’s on 1480 W 11th Ave in Vancouver’s Granville Rise ( neighborhood, just around the corner from the Stanley Theatre.

For all you SAT takers: Vikram Vij is to Vij’s as Bruce Naftley is to Le Gourmand.

And you know how I feel about Le Gourmand here is Seattle. Vij’s flavors are subtle yet powerful. It was such a great experience to share food and company there. If you are in Vancouver…GO! No reservations, just show up and wait in the bar while they serve complemtary tasty snacks not even on the menu.

I remember fondly the bubbly lemon ginger drink…

Back here in Seattle after Columbus day off, or if you were in Canada with us, Thanksgiving Day, we find ourselves in the middle of chaos! Moving….

No beading today as things are in boxes. Here’s the empty house:

Out the upstairs window, walls being painted white, but the fall colors still show through:

Today is a beautiful fall day with the sun coming through the windows:

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