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September 2005
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Sugar & Spice
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I’m talking with you at the end of the week, rather than my usual Monday, because I want to say a special hello to Linda in Atlanta.

Ron, in the spirit of support and affection has just shaved his head…and here are the photos offered as empirical evidence:

Ron in the act.

A witness.

Another witness.

I hope you all join Ron, David and me in wishing Linda love and lots of sugar & spice and everything nice.

buttered popcorn and a darkened movie theater
new red shoes
The U.N.

Email me and add your sugar & spice wishes to the list. Let’s see how many lovely things we can think of.

Meanwhile, David is in Haystack, Maine for a New Works Workshop at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft. He is busy adding beauty to the world and will be back next week for show and tell. He is interested in exploring new materials while he is there so get ready for an explosion of ideas and form.

As a reminder to us all, let’s appreciate the beauty in the everyday and see where it leads.

Raise your decaf cup of coffee to adventure! To enthusiasm! To desire! To Hope!

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We began lunch with a little prayer and toast to Beauty.

We had some great ladies over for lunch today. Deb and Loran joined David and me at the table. It was a Uwajimaya lunch of lucky meals and sushi and some chocolate cookies from Trader Joe’s that Deb brought over. I think you might know Deb already, from the Hot House (, she’s a massage expert!) here in Seattle. Loran is an acupuncturist and artist living in Port Towsend and she is one of my favorite artists. Give her a ring at 360-643-1096 to make an appointment for treatment.

Here is David’s work table, which is quiet as he is traveling over to Bellevue Arts Museum again today to work with Stephano Catalani, curator at BAM.

Last evening David and I painted the new office over at the big ‘ouse in Ballard. David hoisted up a paint ladden roller to the ceiling and covered it in a fantastic boy blue or as David has called it in the past, mother of the bride blue. The walls and trim are tone on tone chocolate brown, which David insists is 70’s polyester leisure suit. These are new colors for David’s living palatte.

Some studies of color and texture found about the Capitol Hill house.

and finally here is Margaret, in the great tradition of boudoir photographs…

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chocolate and magazines
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Madison Market was the source of today’s lunch. A very tasty pumpkin ravioli and cabbage salad were enjoyed in the company of David and Ron’s lovely sister Becky. I think you know Madison Market, open here on Capitol Hill on Madison Street, open 7 to 11 daily.

Back in town for David’s show is the “Breakfast Set” opus. I tried on the Bacon Earrings and I must say, they are stunning and elegant. I can’t help but think of taking a sip of tea from Meret Oppenheim’s Fur Lined Teacup while wearing them.

From 1936, the infamous cup.

The Bacon Earrings from 2004.

Delia Floor stopped in this afternoon with some fabulous boxes for David’s bracelets. All are off tomorrow to get photographed by Harriet Burger(, David’s photographer.

Today also finds us concerned for our friend Craig Abramson who needs our good thoughts after an accident this past weekend. David went to visit with magazines and chocolate and we wish Craig the best.

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Icarus Redux
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We had planned to eat Red Mill burgers today but lo and behold, just like an art gallery…CLOSED MONDAYS. If you like your burgers, - their website says nothing about the gallery hours, so be forewarned. To quote Social Distortion (, “I just wanted a veggie burger but she wouldn’t give it to me.” OK, so it was a caffeinated soda that he was screaming about.

Kiki and Herb ( do a great cover of “Institutionalized”. You can get their super CD “Kiki & Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall” from their website.

In the studio today we have the special pleasure of viewing David in action.

Note the stitch looking like the silver web of the spider’s thread.

Here we see the Mark Sfirri collaboration with the beaded tongue in place. Mark and David will be teaching at Penland ( summer 2006 over the 4th of July holiday. Should be a great two weeks to sign up for a class. Mark will be in the wood studio and David will be in textiles with the beads.

About the house, a view of O.C.D.

Through the flowers we see Lois Silver’s evocative painting.

Here is a view of the yellow shelf on the beadwall.

The beadwall is going out of the house and over the bridge to the Bellevue Arts Museum this weekend. It is to be included in David’s solo show, “Two Hands, Twenty Years, and a Billion Beads.”

And this little reminder:

WARNING: Although this blog is not in any way associated with wound care or the operations wound care nurses have for their broken knees, see “Icarus” posting, here we go:

Best of luck to Ron for a speedy recovery.