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August 2005
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Pain and Color
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I’m going to skip over today’s lunch and let’s just review our fabulous dinner at Le Gourmand. Last Thursday David, Ron, my mother Shirley and I sat ourselves down at a table in Bruce and Sara Naftaly’s fine establishment.

The Seattle Weekly has this to say: “Eating at Le Gourmand is a little like visiting an artist’s studio.”
Le Gourmand and Sambar
425 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107
Dinner Wed.-Sat., evening cocktails and snacks Mon.-Sat.

Our lovely hostess for the evening was the beautiful and graceful Wendy, who should model for David. Wendy, we have to talk. We also got to visit a bit with Meagan, who stopped in from the mod bar, Sambar. Meagan is a brunette Marilyn Monroe FYI.

Bring on the show!

Words fail me when I think about trying to describe the experience of Le Gourmand. Let the taste buds of the tongue tell the story. The vision of the salad alone can launch a thousand ships. Oh, Beauty!

Since we are reviewing today, let’s also return to Haystack. David’s student, Whitney, sent some images from their time in Maine earlier this summer.
Their studio:

David beading:

Whitney captures things in multiples:

The quote of the week would be from Dale Hart, design patriarch, who said on Sunday “…a high toletrance for pain and color”, when speaking about an artist and private investigator. Due to privacy consideration, I can say no more.

See ya next week after we say hello to September.

One last picture from Whitney:

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We had Seattle Deli cater our lunch today. David had the green papaya salad and Ron and I each had our own ban mi, meat and tofu respectively. Table talk ran from Enumclaw to 80’s televangelism.

David, Ron, David’s sister Julie and David’s mother Pat all traveled to the ocean over the weekend.
Here are David and his mom, don’t they look sharp?

Back in Seattle the house on Capitol Hill continues to make its way into the 21st Century. There’s been the sound of air compressors, hammers and saws…with these results:

Ron and Margaret enjoying a moment on the porch under the newly painted eaves.

Inside, David has again been busy in his purple chair. Today’s work table view…

When David is beading in his purple chair this is one of the still life compositions he can admire:

…and here in the glass case there are three beauties waiting for the right wrist.

Some raw material arrived last night. Let’s thank Michael Armstrong for this tableau and imagine the wonders that David will create.

So with that little tour outside and in, we take our leave and look forward to talking with you again, next week, at our usual time.

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Maneki\’s, since 1923
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Salad with tomatos and gnocchi with pecans and fresh pepper were on the menu for lunch today. Pat Chatt’s admonishion made it to the table too, “Bring your food to your mouth, not your mouth to your food.”

Before lunch David composed a beautiful ode to Flemish painting.

Last week, David was working on a blue Swarovski bracelet and here is a close up of the bracelet. It’s finished and ready for SOFA Chicago: Sculpture Objects & Functional Art, October 28 - 30th.

Around the studio David has his inspiration:

Keith Harring

“educational - useful - fascinating”

Outside, as usual, it is just as busy as inside.

Last Friday David, Ron and I went to the Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus 2nd Annual Art Auction. Held at Con Works, there were fabulous pieces by many artists including Jenny Pohlman & Sabrina Knowles who were there wearing fabulous shoes.

We ended the evening at Maneki’s in the ID. Maneki: 4 Sixth Ave. S. Seattle, WA (206) 622-2631. From the Stranger’s review: “Returning from internment after World War II, Maneki’s owners found their grand restaurant ransacked. Maneki reopened in the 1940s in its current location — which had served as a storage space during internment — and has stayed small, recently expanding the sushi bar from three seats to six.”
The eel salad is highly recommended.

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We had smoked salmon, cheese, crackers and a wonderful tomato soup for lunch. Oh, and grapes and pickled green beans. It was a lovely summer lunch with the doors open and the sunshine streaming indoors.

We are still rounding things up for the Bellevue Arts Museum show. The big shindig opening is scheduled for October 27th. Mark your calendars. For those of you who work evenings, it’s a Thursday. Get the evening free if you can.

David contintues to work on new pieces for the SOFA Chicago show. Also Opening October 27th, and running through the weekend. (
Here’s a piece those of you at SOFA Chicago will see at the Mobilia Gallery:

The Pacine Lubel Gallery here in Seattle’s Pioneer square now has four of David’s pieces: Puzzle Box, Orange Bracelet with Box, Colors and one of my personal favorites, Accordion Box. (, 207 2nd Avenue South, Seattle)

David and his father Orville have both donated pieces for the 2nd Annual Art Auction for Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus. The event is Friday, August 12th. It’s at Consolidated Works and doors open at 5:30pm. David, Ron and I will be attending. Hope to see you art lovers there too. ( and

A quick cruise around the house and we see Betty, back from the basement where it is cool and quiet:

and we also like the flowers in the kitchen:

Most important of all things this week is to wish Pat Chatt, David’s mom a Happy 80th Birthday this Tuesday.

Here she is on a most important day, with Orville at her side.

It’s also David’s birthday this week on Wednesday. A Leo, yes. Happy Birthday to both Pat and David.

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