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January 2019
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We had smoked salmon, cheese, crackers and a wonderful tomato soup for lunch. Oh, and grapes and pickled green beans. It was a lovely summer lunch with the doors open and the sunshine streaming indoors.

We are still rounding things up for the Bellevue Arts Museum show. The big shindig opening is scheduled for October 27th. Mark your calendars. For those of you who work evenings, it’s a Thursday. Get the evening free if you can.

David contintues to work on new pieces for the SOFA Chicago show. Also Opening October 27th, and running through the weekend. (
Here’s a piece those of you at SOFA Chicago will see at the Mobilia Gallery:

The Pacine Lubel Gallery here in Seattle’s Pioneer square now has four of David’s pieces: Puzzle Box, Orange Bracelet with Box, Colors and one of my personal favorites, Accordion Box. (, 207 2nd Avenue South, Seattle)

David and his father Orville have both donated pieces for the 2nd Annual Art Auction for Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus. The event is Friday, August 12th. It’s at Consolidated Works and doors open at 5:30pm. David, Ron and I will be attending. Hope to see you art lovers there too. ( and

A quick cruise around the house and we see Betty, back from the basement where it is cool and quiet:

and we also like the flowers in the kitchen:

Most important of all things this week is to wish Pat Chatt, David’s mom a Happy 80th Birthday this Tuesday.

Here she is on a most important day, with Orville at her side.

It’s also David’s birthday this week on Wednesday. A Leo, yes. Happy Birthday to both Pat and David.

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  1. Marisa Says:
    Happy birthday David, love the pictures! Love, Marisa

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