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June 2005
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After a big breakfast at home, I’m snacking on an apple and drinking tea with too much honey this afternoon. I’ve been off coffee for two weeks now, and the “coffee flu” is behind me. As a recovering addict, it’s hard to know there are coffee beans in the other room. In a brown bag. Whole bean.
Pink Lady apple from Admiral Metropolitan Market,, open 24 hours, 2320 42nd Ave SW, Seattle.

The house is hoppin’! There are hammers and saws and all sorts of power tools being used. The front portch actually looks solid and the upsairs is getting a proper finishing. Here on the main floor of Head Quarters things are much the same. Here is one of my favorite views, looking down the hall to David’s studio:

As Seattle slips into summer, David and Ron are beginning week two at Haystack in Maine and rumor has it they are having a swell time. We in the former Jet City look forward to hearing about their adventures upon their return this weekend.

Speaking of Boeing, we wish them luck developing the “point to point” 7E7.

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I walked over to the Madison Market with Girl Chris to pick up lunch today. We put some curried tofu and sesame/garlic spinach in the shopping basket. Madison Marrket: 7 a.m. to midnight daily, 1600 East Madison (Capitol Hill).

David and Ron left for Haystack, Maine on Friday and are enjoying the first full day of classes there today. We here at Head Quarters wish them a great two weeks of hard work and fun.

With David and Ron gone, let’s just look at a few still life compositions about the house:

Before David and Ron left we all enjoyed an evening at the re-opening of the Bellevue Arts Museum. There were “BAMtinis” being served in the lobby and an amazing Albert Paley structure took center stage on the main floor. From BAM’s website: ” Albert Paley has single-handedly revived forged iron as an art form, creating a body of work that ranges from body adornment to domestic furnishings and monumental public sculptures.” Yup! My date was Leslie Campbell, with permission from her husband Peter, who was dressed in art collector black as she showcased her beautiful Ramona Solberg neckpiece. We saw many of Ramona’s pieces that night as it was a way to honor her passing that Monday. From the Seattle PI: “Ramona Solberg, 1921-2005: The grandmother of Northwest found-art jewelry”. Bon voyage, Ramona.

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Big House
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Today we had Leslie Campbell joining us for lunch. We enjoyed gnocci with broccoli, salad, both potato and green. Champagne was popped as we celebrated signing the papers for the “big house” in the Ballard neighborhood of our city. That’s right, David and Ron are soon to become flatlanders.

Here is the big house itself

David is looking forward to holding beading classes in the large basement and Ron is excited to see the sunrises and sunsets from the tip top of the tower.

All this has been going on while David still finds time to sit in his purple chair and bead. He’s been working on a bird reliquary that will be shown at the Belleveue Arts Museum this fall.
Here’s a small piece of the reliquary.

Gotta dash, boxes to pack…

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meat loaf
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My lunch today is Top Secret, which sounds quite a bit like Stove Top, but isn’t.

Let me tell you about David’s lunch. He had some iceberg lettuce which, like other fads of the 70’s, might be back in fashion soon. Nothing beats the memory of that cool head lettuce crunch in the tuna sandwich from the summer of ‘76.

David’s profile: He eats iceberg lettuce, drives a minivan and listens to Starbuck’s music comps.
You’d think he is a Republican.

Genius Girl Monday profile: Eats chocolate, drives a pick up truck and likes to listen to the tap tap tap of her pretty shoes on waxed wood floors.
Exquisite Corpse Self-Portrait:

David and Craig are taking a road trip to Olympia today. They are going for supplies to bring to Haystack. Both have been getting ready for Maine and are looking forward to two weeks of uninterrupted time for beading and being in the arts supportive environment of the campus.

Here’s Craig, with a shout out to those “tax and spend” friends he puts up with here at the HQ on Spring Street.

Answers to last weeks quiz:
1. dander*
2. tea
I would like to thank all of you who participated. Look for your awards in the mail.
*technically correct, but it’s really toast crumbs and dirty dishes in the sink

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