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December 2005
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OH MY GAWD…what have I done…
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Posted by: Ron @ 1:06 am

This is a test of the new blog broadcast system…? I’ve done it really good this time. I was showing my brother in law the blog and how it’s done and asking if he had any suggestions on how to make a few improvements that Lynda and I had talked about when I notice that?a new rev. of the blog program had come out and without thinking it thru…I upgraded.

I hope you all like the change…I’m not sure I can change it back, but I’m sure Lynda will keep you posted.

So here’s wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a blog filled 2006.  ”Keep coming back!”


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winter nights
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Posted by: geniusgirlmonday @ 1:33 pm

David and Tom came home with lunch from Uwajimaya’s around 4:30 or so…
waiting in line at the post office had delayed them. We promptly devoured
the onion tofu and other goodies from Yummy House Bakery.
The beginning of the brooch for the Pacini Lubel Brooch Show opening January 20th, 2006. A study in color, form and texture.
Another look about the house.

Ron, just getting home from the day shift,
is dining on some of the Uwajimaya goodness as
David sits beading in his chair and Tom and I are off to see King Kong.
Good night and
Yummy Yummy.

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Chatt Family Christmas
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Posted by: geniusgirlmonday @ 7:09 pm

Eggplant parmesan with green salad and green beads. It’s upper east side private girls school lunch today. A public school girl myself, it just seemed different than memories of beef burgandorf and strawberry jello. Movin up! That’s the great thing about this country. Update: no, it’s Taco del Mar! There’s been a change of plans. A girl can only climb so far…

David continues to work on his piece for the Buddha show at Pacine Lubel. The show will open July 2006 in Seattle. Web page:

Today’s view of the studio worktable.

To the right of the work space is this excellent example of a strand of single needle right angle weave, using Swarovski Crystals.

David has been reading “Found” by Davy Rothbart. It’s a compilation from his magazine. You can view this great stuff online:
Thanks to John and Collette for this thoughtful “Welcome to Ballard” gift.

David just finished reading “The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini and said it’s the best book he’s read in quite a while. I’m borrowing it today and I look forward to a great read. It’s David’s Book Club. Go get the book and we’ll discuss.

From Deb’s and my trip to Vancouver BC. We stopped here and the little boy on the right reminded me of David, all decked out in orange.

It was the Chatt Family Christmas Party over the weekend. The hosts were Pat and Orville.

We hope you and yours are having a swell holiday season too.

See ya next week.

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Linda in Atlanta
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Posted by: geniusgirlmonday @ 7:30 pm

Hi ya’ll. Today’s lunch was takeout from that place on Market Street. Ron just missed lunch as he had to dash out to work at the hospital. So David, houseguest Steven and I sat down to the buffet lunch.

You should take a look at Steven’s work on the web:
He is a printer/quilter who has some great images of his work for you to marvel at. The side pic of his house alone is worth the investigation.

We are still having technical difficulties at Head Quarters so there will be no images available for you this week. Sorry for this delay.

In the meantime, here is the link to see and read the Seattle Times/Pacific Magazine profile on David and Ron’s Capitol Hill house (yes, cut and paste):

There is a great 8 image slide show of the house that is even clearer than the printed version.

David is leaving for Atlanta this week for a visit with friends before he returns to us for the holidays.

One of the people David is visiting is Kathy King. Check out some beautiful images of her work at:

He is also looking forward to seeing Vanessa Grubbs and here is her work:

David will also visit with Linda. Hi Linda! David will see you soon.

Readers, as you might recall in the Sugar & Spice post from September 30th, we are all sending good thoughts to Linda. Thanks again to all who emailed with the good messages.

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