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May 2005
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Since today is a holiday, we’re taking it easy with take out. Our favorite: the buck fiddy Vietnamese sandwich, the banh mi, with sesame balls for a tasty treat. Ours is from Seattle Deli, 225 12th Ave. S., No. 101, 206-328-0106. Open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I thought you might like a tour of David’s studio on the last day of your three day weekend. David has his studio in the north facing room, so let’s walk down there now. Come right in for a view of the artist’s atelier…
David’s bead wall

My favorite shelf

A work in progress

The wall to the right

Papers and magazines and rubber bands, oh my.

Here are some housemates

Bead House Quiz
1.) David is alergic to
a. sulfites
b. dander
c. toast crumbs and dirty dishes in the sink
2.) Ron’s favorite morning drink is
a. coffee
b. tea
c. Tang
Answers next week when we announce the winner to the first ever genius girl monday quiz.
First Place: Thick cut bacon toy suprise
Second Place: Soy protein strip toy suprise

Deb, we’re waiting for your answers.

Dear readers, for more about Deb visit

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Today we had a handsome guest for lunch. I mean we had a guest come for lunch. Lunch was spicy green bean with seafood and rice. It was a table set for four as Michael from Second Use stopped by. Try for all your reclaimation needs.

We said our thanks as we sat for lunch because Ron is happy and healthy with only a few colorful bruises after an Icarus-like fall from the porch. Over the weekend, donning Tivas with white socks rather than wings made of wax and feathers, he leaned on some unsecured railing and met the ground a few seconds later.
Here are the highlights of the fall:

Looking down

Looking up

You can see it is with great fortune Haystack students are still able to meet Ron when he arrives with David in Maine on June 19th.

When in Maine, go to the Blue Heron Gallery, 22 Chruch Street, Deer Isle. David has two pieces there this summer when he is teaching at Haystack. See live and in person: “Colors” and “Accordion Box”, one of my personal favorites. Packing them up today to send, it was great to feel the weight of each piece in my hands. This is one of the absolute pleasures of my life, to see and be able to touch these wonderous things that David creates.

For more about eating guests for lunch:

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Today’s lunch is a delicious Caesar salad with shrimp.

David and Ron are making their plans to arrive in Haystack, Maine later next month. David is teaching a beadwork class and Ron is taking the blacksmithing class from Fred Crist. Check into the fabulous Haystack at

For the students signed up for the Haystack class, get ready for a great two weeks. David is bringing along Craig Abramson as his assistant. Craig has been working with David for a number of years beading in the chair next to David’s big purple chair in the studio. They are a great team and you will be able to explore innovative techniques with wonderful support.

Also, get ready to eat some bacon.

Let me tell you a little story about Whitney. Arriving at Penland in the mountains of North Carolina a few years ago to take a course from David, she was strictly vegetarian for almost a decade, if I recall. Soon Penland transformed her into a baco-vegetarian in the lunch line. Penland and Haystack offer an environment to transform and change in ways that will astound you.

Who knew that bacon would come to symbolize change in the personal pantheon.

With a shout out to BLT’s, Whitney and all the other lovely students from years past, David and Ron look forward to seeing you again and meeting new ones.

And Whitney will be at Haystack. She’s back for more. Bacon.

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Today’s lunch is tuna.

David has lovely new orange shoes.

The shoes are the bright spot in our cottage cheese sky day. A typical spring day here in Seattle, The Jet City, or now that Boeing has dogged us for Chicago, The Abandoned City. Here we sit, in out little corner of the country, as we prepare for David’s Solo Show at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA, opening in October of this year. If you are in the area, stop by. It would be lovely to see you. Check out their website for updates and info. It’s

Before Bellevue, the Racine Art Museum in Racine, WI is hosting “Magnificent Extravagance: Artists and Opulence” opening on June 14th. David has just mailed off an amazing piece made with Swarovski Crystals. The Racine Art Museum can be found at

Also, on a final note for today, Ornament Magazine has just published an article profiling David, written by Robin Updike. She calls David, “…Leonardo da Vinci of Beads…”. It’s the Spring 2005 issue if you havn’t already checked it out.

If you don’t already know, David and Ron are moving from this fabulous location, on a hilltop in Seattle, for the flats of another neighborhood…Ballard. They close the deal later this month. It is a former Baptist Church and they are calling it “The Big House”. As David and Ron are both large scale at 6′4″ tall, the church is a perfect fit.