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January 2019
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Since today is a holiday, we’re taking it easy with take out. Our favorite: the buck fiddy Vietnamese sandwich, the banh mi, with sesame balls for a tasty treat. Ours is from Seattle Deli, 225 12th Ave. S., No. 101, 206-328-0106. Open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I thought you might like a tour of David’s studio on the last day of your three day weekend. David has his studio in the north facing room, so let’s walk down there now. Come right in for a view of the artist’s atelier…
David’s bead wall

My favorite shelf

A work in progress

The wall to the right

Papers and magazines and rubber bands, oh my.

Here are some housemates

Bead House Quiz
1.) David is alergic to
a. sulfites
b. dander
c. toast crumbs and dirty dishes in the sink
2.) Ron’s favorite morning drink is
a. coffee
b. tea
c. Tang
Answers next week when we announce the winner to the first ever genius girl monday quiz.
First Place: Thick cut bacon toy suprise
Second Place: Soy protein strip toy suprise

Deb, we’re waiting for your answers.

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4 Responses to “Quiz”

  1. Ms Devlin Says:
    First off, David, I think your work is amazing. Oh, to be a beautiful seed bead in my next life… Girl Monday, thank you for lunch inspiration and introductions. Oh, and good fortune for Ron with his lucky updraft and further proof of quantum gravity. On to the quiz: 1) all 3 2) c Who doesn’t enjoy Tang. And well, see above. Astronaut, indeed. Deb, she rocks the hot house! See ya Laura
  2. Ms Devlin Says:
    I must apologize to Girl Monday…how rude to leave off GENIUS!
  3. Ronco Says:
    David is allergic to crumbs and dishes and Ron’s favorite morning drink is Tea!!!! Now give me my suprise gift!!!!! xoxo ronco
  4. Deb Says:
    What a suprise to be reading along and see myself not only mentioned but promoted…I’m blushing! I wish I knew the answers to the quiz, but I’m going to guess…that David’s allergic to toast crumbs and dirty dishes in the sink and Ron drinks tea in the morning. Even, if as I suspect my answers are incorrect, I take this as a valuable learning moment. Keep the great posts coming, they put a smile on my face. Deb

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