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January 2019
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Today’s lunch is tuna.

David has lovely new orange shoes.

The shoes are the bright spot in our cottage cheese sky day. A typical spring day here in Seattle, The Jet City, or now that Boeing has dogged us for Chicago, The Abandoned City. Here we sit, in out little corner of the country, as we prepare for David’s Solo Show at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA, opening in October of this year. If you are in the area, stop by. It would be lovely to see you. Check out their website for updates and info. It’s

Before Bellevue, the Racine Art Museum in Racine, WI is hosting “Magnificent Extravagance: Artists and Opulence” opening on June 14th. David has just mailed off an amazing piece made with Swarovski Crystals. The Racine Art Museum can be found at

Also, on a final note for today, Ornament Magazine has just published an article profiling David, written by Robin Updike. She calls David, “…Leonardo da Vinci of Beads…”. It’s the Spring 2005 issue if you havn’t already checked it out.

If you don’t already know, David and Ron are moving from this fabulous location, on a hilltop in Seattle, for the flats of another neighborhood…Ballard. They close the deal later this month. It is a former Baptist Church and they are calling it “The Big House”. As David and Ron are both large scale at 6′4″ tall, the church is a perfect fit.

3 Responses to “5/9/05”

  1. ronco Says:
    What a fabulous blog you have and that picture….devine!!!!!! I look forward to all the wonderful meals in the future…..hopefully not all tuna. Bring on the Penland Bacon. Keep it up you Genius Monday Girl xoxo ronco
  2. Jo Says:
    Ronnie was with us today to celebrate his Gamma’s 87th birthday. He took a few moments to introduce me to the BLOG. This is fun. My big brother Ronnie has enjoyed his morning tea for many years now. My favorite morning beverage is coffee with too much cream and sugar. Anyways… I LOVE both of you. I love all of your many dwellings. I’m excited about the big house. This’ll be fun too!! See you at the shooo. Love, Jo
  3. Pauline Says:
    Hi Dave this is a follow up to our long, lovely phone call today. Sydney is in spring mode. The magpies are getting very aggressive as they nest. You have to protect your eyes when walking in the neighbourhood at this time. I have been attacked in the past, those beaks are very sharp in the back of your head! People have been known to die! Apart from that I love September, its a portend of things to come, sunshine, beach, mangoes, light nights…Love you

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