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January 2019
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Sugar & Spice
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Posted by: geniusgirlmonday @ 4:19 pm

I’m talking with you at the end of the week, rather than my usual Monday, because I want to say a special hello to Linda in Atlanta.

Ron, in the spirit of support and affection has just shaved his head…and here are the photos offered as empirical evidence:

Ron in the act.

A witness.

Another witness.

I hope you all join Ron, David and me in wishing Linda love and lots of sugar & spice and everything nice.

buttered popcorn and a darkened movie theater
new red shoes
The U.N.

Email me and add your sugar & spice wishes to the list. Let’s see how many lovely things we can think of.

Meanwhile, David is in Haystack, Maine for a New Works Workshop at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft. He is busy adding beauty to the world and will be back next week for show and tell. He is interested in exploring new materials while he is there so get ready for an explosion of ideas and form.

As a reminder to us all, let’s appreciate the beauty in the everyday and see where it leads.

Raise your decaf cup of coffee to adventure! To enthusiasm! To desire! To Hope!

4 Responses to “Sugar & Spice”

  1. Amanda Taylor Says:
    I just discovered your blog, thanks to your recent email. Your comments about Linda touched me, as my world has been tainted lately with friends suffering illnesses. To Linda I wish fireflies darting across the ebony night, something I miss in my mountaintop So. Calif. home. Thanks. Amanda
  2. bobbi kirk Says:
    Here’s wishing Linda a sunny day at the beach…
  3. Linda Nethery Says:
    Ronnie…You are the sweetest man…and your shaved head looks ever so much prettier than mine!!! Luckily I have the beautiful, whimsical, fun hats, scarves, turbans you and David sent me to carry me thru. You make me feel loved…and bigger than the cancer. No patient ever had a better support team. Thank you.
  4. Deb Says:
    here’s my sugar & spice… swimming in the ocean rain on the roof and good friends… deb

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