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January 2019
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Icarus Redux
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Posted by: geniusgirlmonday @ 9:11 pm

We had planned to eat Red Mill burgers today but lo and behold, just like an art gallery…CLOSED MONDAYS. If you like your burgers, - their website says nothing about the gallery hours, so be forewarned. To quote Social Distortion (, “I just wanted a veggie burger but she wouldn’t give it to me.” OK, so it was a caffeinated soda that he was screaming about.

Kiki and Herb ( do a great cover of “Institutionalized”. You can get their super CD “Kiki & Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall” from their website.

In the studio today we have the special pleasure of viewing David in action.

Note the stitch looking like the silver web of the spider’s thread.

Here we see the Mark Sfirri collaboration with the beaded tongue in place. Mark and David will be teaching at Penland ( summer 2006 over the 4th of July holiday. Should be a great two weeks to sign up for a class. Mark will be in the wood studio and David will be in textiles with the beads.

About the house, a view of O.C.D.

Through the flowers we see Lois Silver’s evocative painting.

Here is a view of the yellow shelf on the beadwall.

The beadwall is going out of the house and over the bridge to the Bellevue Arts Museum this weekend. It is to be included in David’s solo show, “Two Hands, Twenty Years, and a Billion Beads.”

And this little reminder:

WARNING: Although this blog is not in any way associated with wound care or the operations wound care nurses have for their broken knees, see “Icarus” posting, here we go:

Best of luck to Ron for a speedy recovery.

2 Responses to “Icarus Redux”

  1. jo boone Says:
    That’s a lovely pic of your knee brother. I hope you are taking herbs to help you recover. David you look marvelous. Your dedication to weight-loss has been fun to watch. Your house is beautiful. I love the color combination. Grampas 91st birthday was nice. We had a nice quiet get together at Gramma and Grampas house, and gramma made her legendary “Apple Cake”. Justine saw her picture on the blog and wants everyone to know she is “Justine” The Niece with the long hair. I have a question about the piece you are working on in this entry…. Are the nipples being beaded onto a ladies bodice? That’s going to be lovely. What size is it? Presuming that is what it is. I love you both. I’d like to see a picture of the person responsible for all the entries into this blog. ~Jo
  2. ronco Says:
    I was pondering the Name Icarus to describe my fall and thinking that like Icarus I fell to the earth but more like the Phoenix, I’ve risen from my ashes to potentially fly again. Maybe a future blog can be titled Icarus Rising as opposed to Icarus Redux. Wonder what the Latin for Rising is…? -r

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