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January 2019
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pres’ day
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Holiday feast today in honor of a president…
President Nelson Mandela.
Roasted turkey with potatos and carrots for the carnivors and Indian fare from the joint down the street for the vegetarians. Here’s the guest list: Sharon L. (Ron’s mom), Becky C. B. (Ron’s sister), Kendahl S. (Ron and David’s cutie pie niece), Cameron B. (Ron and David’s adorable nephew), Kathleen M. (Ron and David’s almost daughter), Ron, David and myself (Ron and David found me washed ashore after a shipwreck). I can’t wait for seconds..for dinner.

Here is David’s work table for today. He continues to work on the hands for “Father’s Keys” promised to the International Fiber Biennial at Snyderman-Works Gallery.

And here is David from a fishing trip mid 70’s.

Images from the Big House on President’s Day:
Margaret’s dental impression

David’s hat

Many of you have been asking about David’s Book. David has been working with Flo Hoppe and they have been working long distance (Left and Right Coast) on the illustrations/directions. Please encourage David and Flo to continue making this project a priority. David will be emailing Flo this week to check on the progress.

3 Responses to “pres’ day”

  1. Kathe Watanabe Says:
    I and all of my beading friends are eagerly awaiting David’s book. I am so happy to know that the work is in progress and can be expected in the foreseeable future. I will beam thoughts of accomplishment and fulfillment to David and Flo. Thank you! Kathe
  2. Susan Swartz Says:
    The book David…the BOOK!!! We’ve been waiting years for the book!! Please keep (start?) working on it!!! Love from all of us here in Chicago!!
  3. Terri Says:
    Of course we’re all eagerly waiting for the book. I know Daivd is concerned that he be remembered (!) /known for his work, not for his book, but the work is so phenomenal it can’t be overshadowed. And the book is a boon to anyone who can’t get to one of David’s fabulous classes, or those of us who have been and need better notes than what we took at the time!

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