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January 2019
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Peter joined Ron, David and myself for casual lunch today: chicken, green beans, swimming rama…from Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ and Pandasia.

David taught a three day workshop at BAM over the past weekend. Stacey came out from New York and Teresa came up from San Francisco to help out.
Here’s Stacey in action,wearing her own necklace, working with the single needle right angle stitch.

David shared his sketches with the class.

Jill, who was working with right angle weave for the first time and was a star, told me about this great documentary.
(note to self)

Back at the Big House in Ballard, I found David’s Boo Radley spot but I can’t imagine these Nat Sherman butts are for Scout, Jem or Dill.

I’d like to take time now and look through some Pat Chatt memorabilia that is here at the House. Pat’s service is this weekend, and she has certainly been in everyone’s thoughts. In the next room are some things that Pat kept as keepsakes from childhood, keepsakes from great days and keepsakes for keepsakes’ sake.

This is the hat you see in the wedding day photo

…and a close up of the bird perched on the hat.

Little Pat Horner.

A last look at David’s studio work table before I leave you until next week.

I am,
Genius Girl Monday

2 Responses to “today”

  1. Chris Cooper Says:
    My friend, Constanza, is taking her daughter’s Camp Fire Troop to see the BAM exhibit. They are going to do some sort of beading project afterward. See, you are creating the next generation of artists!
  2. Janine Jijina Says:
    Hi, ladies and gentlemen. This is such a great blog. I love how you click on the link that says, scout, jem and dill and you get right to Amazon to buy To Kill a Mockingbird (on my top ten of favorite books.) This blog is so you guys. I’m going to have to check out the Weekly interview! Exciting!

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