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January 2019
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Hello my Lovlies!
or should I say Farewell my Lovlies!

The time has come for me to bid farewell. I’ve enjoyed these last years blogging to you all tremendously.
I have the honor to introduce you to a new surprise guest (whom you will meet next week) who wishes to remain anonymous until she has decided on her fabulous new title. We will take suggestions!!!!
She wants to be a dame, not as in an English Dame, but an honorary abroad dame.

I’m off on a new adventure and you can visit me at my website: Seattle Letterpress Collective. I’ve been a sporadic blogger but I promise to say hello from there more often.

Here are a few last wonderings about the pad:
David’s work table as it looks this day in March.

Little dame about the carpet.

And to use a word David has forbidden - Cute!

Thanks for everything and for loving David and Ron as much as I do.
sniff sniff
Yours eternally,
Genius Girl Monday

4 Responses to “Farewell”

  1. liz Says:
    Farewell GGM….will miss you…have enjoyed your fun pics of the Big House….hugs liz from portland
  2. david Says:
    I would like to thank Lynda, and yes, I do think it is time to call Genius Girl Monday by her true and proper name, Thank you Lynda Sherman for everything that you had done for me. You have made me look better than I probably deserve to look. You have been a tremendous support to me both profesionally and personaly. You are a great friend and I wish you much joy and success as you focus all of your proffesional energy on your talent and pasion… the letter press. I would like to encourage all my friends who have enjoyed this sight to help support Lynda with her new focus. Lynda has set up shop in a new space and is available for all of your letterpress needs. As one who has had the opportunity to have cards and stationary made by Seattle Letterpress Collective, I would like to say that there is truly nothing quite as nice as the combination of ink, paper, talent and lynda’s printing presses. I hope that all of the support that she has given me will be returned 10 fold. Don’t forget that you don’t have to live in Seattle. Lynda can be accessed through her website which is linked in this last official GGM entry. (I am secretly hoping that our GGM will make an ocasional future guest appearance). We love you Lynda and we will miss you Genius Girl Monday. with much affection, your greatful friend… David
  3. Pat Says:
    When will the “new” geniusgirlMOnday be introduced? I’ve been waiting patiently.
  4. Marisa Says:
    I’m going to miss you, as I know David and Ron will. Good luck in your new endeavors!!!

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