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I’m still dizzy.
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Liz came over for lunch today. We had home made split pea soup with cheese and crackers and then David served up cherry pie with vanilla icecream. Mmm.
Liz was one of David’s first students “back in the day” and has recently been in the classroom with David over at BAM last fall. After lunch, David, Ron, Liz and I climbed up to the tower for a spring look-see.

Let’s take a look about today and begin with David’s work table top.

Much of the source material for the Buddha piece that will be at Urban Glass in Brooklyn later this year:

Here is the new shower in the bathroom. It’s beautiful.

(I’ll have to figure out why this isn’t coming through…)

And here is our first pervert looking through the shower window. “If you build it they will come.”

Taking a spin in the swing is a good way to get really really sick.

And here is our “flying nurse” and his trusty aid, Margaret.

Just arrived at the Big House - on the cover of Step by Step Beads Magazine: “Vistit David Chatt’s Amazing Bead Studio!” The article, by Alice Korach in the May/June 2006 issue, begins on page 34 with a nice picture of David and Ron in front of the Bead Wall.

Get busy,
See ya next week, your G.G.M.,

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  1. alison cook Says:
    Dear Genius Girl - I LOVE living vicariously through your web blog and even got dizzy just looking at those photos of you spinning in the swing! I’m so glad you mentioned the feature in the bead magazine cause I would have missed it otherwise. I raced to the bookstore and got a copy so I could get a good look at that bead wall! I love David’s work and admire everything he’s done. I’m a fledgling beadworker my own self and am constantly inspired by David’s work. Thanks for the updates and I’ll keep checking in - Alison

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