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January 2019
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Special Guests
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Hello all. We had very special guests for lunch today,
Lorraine Cohn and
Flora Book.

I was a bit star struck over our meal of toasted cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and fresh fruit
with cupcakes for dessert.

Lorraine brought some lovely wine and Flora gave David one of the snakes from her collection. These sankes were made by Turkish POW’s durring WWI.

David gave the ladies a tour about the house,
first going up to the studio

where they saw David’s Head Quarters.

If one were to sit in David’s purple chair while he were away, this is the view:

and a bit to the left, Tom’s string project…

I want to thank the ladies for their company and their conversation. David mentioned that someone once told him, and I’m paraphrasing here, that to find out what you want to do, think of what it is you do when no one is keeping track of your time. David said that when he was a wee lad he would always play with legos, stacking and building until an earthquake destroyed his lego city and he would have to rebuild again. Now David uses this lego matrix system with single needle right angle weave.
Flora said she would sit on the front porch and string beads. Now she takes potato chip bags, turns them inside out (silver!), irons them and sews them into wearables.

To give an update on David’s Ballard Teaching Proposal.
Beginning the first full week of September (the 4th - 8th) and then each first full week of the month: October 2nd - 6th, November 6th - 10th… All levels are welcome as David hopes to keep these classes small and give everyone the time they need.
Thank you to those who have responded with interest. Please continue to give us feedback and your needs/wants/ideas/questions.

To anyone interested in taking a class from David over the summer, might I suggest the two week session (beginning June 26th) at
The Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina. There is still space available! For those of you familiar with Penland, then you know what a fabulous place it is to learn and experience. For those of you not familiar: Go, Go, Go! You work hard, play hard and go home exhausted and refreshed. Imagine.

For folks in the middle, there is the Glass Art Conference being held in St Louis, MO. David is lecturing at the conference on June 15th.

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  1. bobbi Says:
    I’d be interested in doing a class with david…could you mention the cost of the classes?

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