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January 2019
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Teaching in Ballard
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David roasted a beautiful salmon for lunch today. Jin is back at the big house and he joined David, Ron and me for the mini feast. Also on the table was a superb salad with tomatoes, pears, lettuce, blue cheese and obscene pasta.

It’s been a beautiful past few days and on Saturday Ron and I ate breakfast and lunch at the top of the tower, soaking in the Vitamin D from the sun.

Around the studio, David has been enjoying his time beading. Here he is finishing “Father’s Keys”, beading over paper.

I attempted to take a photo of Bubble Necklace today (Cristina these are for you). The camera I am using, the Nikon Coolpix 4500 doesn’t seem to like larger images with low light. I’m hoping someday for a Fuji FinePix F10 that I hear takes great digital pics. Email Ron ( and remind him International Genius Girl Monday Day is next Monday, the 13th….and she’s expecting gifts.

“Bubble Bowl” is in the studio as well and sitting behind David’s purple chair.

Book Scoop: David shared with me this morning some thoughts on the direction for his book. He is thinking of documenting a series of objects in the making and including directions. Objects would be: raw in the round, envelope, cube, accordion box…
They would be smaller objects that when repeated or worked into a larger project of the reader’s own, would create new pieces such as a bracelet or sculpture.

On the teaching front David is seriously thinking about having small classes at the big house here in Seattle’s Ballard (flat, low crime) neighborhood. I want to put the word out now to see how many of you would be interested.
He is thinking of week long classes conducted in his studio, once each month. There is an upstairs apartment available to students with its own kitchen and bath, able to comfortably fit four, for out of town (or if you want to just get away…) guests.
Feedback? Let us know.

Here’s a look at male pattern baldness…which is looking better to me each day.

Keep in touch,

5 Responses to “Teaching in Ballard”

  1. Liz krengel Says:
    I would love to come to another David Chatt class! Although I liked the full day immersion, 1/2 days for a week would work for me as well–giving me more time to practice, encounter issues which I could then bring to the next class. Since I am local, would not need the apartment, although the getaway is most tempting!! See you at the Lakeside Rummage sale, 3/17-19. Liz
  2. Cristina Says:
    Thanks a lot for the images, they’re really gorgeous! I didn’t even think my message got through, so it was such a surprise! All the best to all of you in the Big House.
  3. Martha Says:
    please, where exactly in Ballard would classes be held? is any level of beader welcome? thanks! wonderful pictures.
  4. Terri Says:
    You bet I’d come up to the Big House for another class with David. Having a place to stay rigth there makes it even better!
  5. Catherine Says:
    I’d come from Virginia for classes! I’d go to Penland, but I’m trying to get somethings together for a show due on 7/16. I love the idea for the book, too. I enjoy learning components better than finished projects, because I can use them in my own way. Include the bubbles from the bowl, please!

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