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June 2021
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flying margaret
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Cioppino was on the table today along with a feta/olive/cucumber/tomato salad. We sopped up the last of the stew with some olive bread. It was a feast David rounded up from the shelves and isles of Ballard’s Town and Country Market (open 24 hrs).

While we’re here at the new digs in Ballard, let’s take a look around.

The corner of the corner office.

“Andy Warhol”, 1970, painted by Alice Neal (

Raw material.

David’s palate from making beaded rings for Family Day at the Bellevue Arts Museum. David, Ruth, Sharon and I had a great time with the kids and their families yesterday. Thanks to the museum staff for jumping in and helping out.

David’s studio table.

Betty in the new studio.

One more from the Bellevue Arts Museum show, “Two Hands, Twenty Years and a Billion Beads”.
That’s the “Wardrobe Malfuntion” piece that we’ve been following in the blog.

Today’s lesson: compare and contrast.

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  1. Katherine Cooper Says:
    Oh my word, did we ever love that BAM show! And to top it off, we had a lovely visit with the artist and his wonderful partner, and met the beautiful Lynda. We just read this whole blog today (Sunday), and I had to send the URL in email so Maxine can catch it when she returns to “jolly olde”. We loved the pix on the blog (and the commentary) and we went backwards down the whole thing. I’m going to have to keep up so I can catch dates (and where to eat!) more often!! We’re so glad to be part of the extended family….Kathie Cooper (and my out of town company, Krista and Maxine)…xxxx

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