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Ms Stessen = lovely
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We had a simple lunch today. Ron was working a double so he was in and out before David and I were able to sit down to our hot veggie salads. Served in beautiful wooden bowls it filled the need for greens after a weekend of pizza and beer at the Georgetown Garden Walk. Tasty lunch from Trader Jo’s on Madison, open 9 to 9, Check out Georgetown at

That’s right, David and Ron are back from Haystack!
Reviewing Haystack, David had a great time collaborating with other artists and Ron has many fabulous things to show and tell after his blacksmithing class.

Here’s a picture of some of the sights:

They’ve hit Seattle ground running as they have been moving things over to the Ballard house and getting the Spring Street abode ready to rent. Check out Seattle’s Craig’s List for their add with pretty pretty pictures of the Spring Street house… : (

Friday evening was spent cleaning the Ballard Big House kitchen. Or should I say canteen. Fresh raspberries and cleaning supplies from Ballard Market, 1400 NW 56th Street, Seattle, open 24 hours.

One of my new favorite things, playing fetch with Margaret and Peggy in this room:

A must mention for today is that the beautiful, talented, clever and smart Nicki Stessen stopped by for coffee this morning. Visit her store and say hello: Beadworld, 9520 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 523-0530 and tell her David sent you.

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  1. ronco Says:
    Dear Genius Girl Monday, I really enjoy your blog and especially like all the links and number to all the interesting places and people…do you get a kickback?? I hope you’ll mention me someday until then, ronco

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